* Clear Lake is a 600 acre lake located just east of the City of Clear Lake

* In Ulven Park there is a boat dock & ramp and a fishing dock

* Areas for shore fishing are also abundant all around the lake

* Ice fishing is popular during the winter months

* Fish that you may catch are bullheads, northern pike, perch

and walleye


* There are many acres of public and private land in the Clear Lake area where wild game, including deer, pheasants, waterfowl, turkeys, grouse, etc., can be hunted

* The Game Production Areas that are owned by the state are highlighted in yellow and the Waterfowl Production Areas that are owned by the US Fish and Wildlife Service are highlighted in green for a total of 8,585 public hunting acres

* In addition to the public owned land in Deuel County, there are 5,138 acres of privately owned Walk-In Area land (subject to change on a yearly basis), not included on the map, for a total of 13,723 acres that can be hunted

* The Clear Lake area also has many walk-in hunting areas for waterfowl, pheasants and deer hunting


Fishing & Hunting licenses may be purchased at the Cowboy Country Store, 420 3rd Ave S, or the Cenex Convenience Store, 204 SD Hwy 22 in Clear Lake – hunting atlases with the current Walk-In-Areas may also be obtained at the Cowboy or Cenex